Protect Yourself from Insurance Fraud - American Seguros

My duty is to expose scams that target online shoppers. One such scam is insurance fraud, which can have severe consequences for unsuspecting victims. In this article, we will review American Seguros, a website that claims to provide insurance services but is, in fact, a scam targeting online shoppers.

The scammer's website,, is designed to mimic a legitimate insurance company's website. However, upon closer inspection, it becomes apparent that the website lacks essential security features, such as an SSL certificate, which is used to encrypt sensitive information during online transactions. This lack of security makes it easy for scammers to steal personal and financial information from unsuspecting victims.

Upon further investigation, it becomes clear that American Seguros engages in fraudulent activities. The company claims to offer various insurance products, such as car, home, and life insurance. However, they do not have the necessary licenses or authorization to operate as an insurance company. This means that they cannot legally provide insurance services to customers, making any transactions with them a risky proposition.

In addition to operating without proper licensing, American Seguros also engages in bait-and-switch tactics. They may offer low-priced insurance quotes to lure potential customers, only to increase the price once they have provided their personal information. This practice is not only unethical but also makes it difficult for customers to compare insurance quotes accurately.

Another red flag with American Seguros is their lack of transparency. The website does not provide any information about the company's background, history, or financial stability. This lack of information makes it difficult for potential customers to determine if the company is legitimate or not.

Finally, American Seguros has a poor track record of customer service. There have been numerous complaints from customers who have had difficulty canceling their policies or receiving refunds. This lack of customer service is a clear indication that the company is not concerned about the well-being of its customers.

In conclusion, American Seguros is a scam targeting online shoppers. The website lacks essential security features, engages in fraudulent activities, and operates without proper licensing. Potential customers should avoid doing business with this company and report any suspicious activity to the appropriate authorities. By staying vigilant and informed, we can help prevent insurance fraud and protect ourselves from scammers.


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