EtherLion: Forex scammer broker that will cost you a fortune

Many unscrupulous brokers masquerade as normal Swiss companies, but in reality they are not. They do not provide payments, ignore clients, and engage in dishonest activities.

Unfortunately, Forex broker EtherLion turned out to be just such a company.

It is the most common scammer, restricting the use of strategies, selling expensive courses, promising exorbitant profits. It is not worth doing business with him, because clients are simply cheated out of their money. EtherLion reviews are mostly negative, which is not surprising.

What indicates Forex broker EtherLion fraud?

There are enough aggressive advertisements launched by the company on social networks. Plus, calls from hidden numbers are sometimes practiced, and employees have repeatedly asked to transfer money to their cards. The broker is the first to make contact, makes empty promises, and keeps silent about the risks. It is impossible to find useful information on the EtherLion website, the news feed is not updated, experts' comments are not published. This all points to the fact that EtherLion scam.

Broker information

Broker's website address:

The intermediary is not registered in Switzerland, operates without licenses and is not controlled by regulators. There is no information about it in the registers. The legality of its activities has not been confirmed in any way.

There is no history, contact information, or documents on the EtherLion website homepage. Financial statements are also unavailable. The company pretends to be official, although it is not. The site is made on a "hasty" hand, so the sections are not filled, there are third-party links, errors. The interface is simple, but inconvenient. The design is overloaded with unnecessary details.

Registration of the domain was carried out recently.

Registration and personal cabinet at EtherLion website

EtherLion fraud, which has been repeatedly proved by the lack of transparency and more. Its registration is suspiciously easy, because from personal information you only need your surname, first name and contact phone number. Verification is not standard, as too many documents are requested. Forex broker EtherLion also asks for bank card information. It has welcome bonuses for registration, which in reality cannot be used. If you carefully study the review about EtherLion, it will become clear that it is a common scammer with a non-working support service. There is a way to contact operators, but in fact no one answers, and customer requests are simply ignored. The quality of the personal account also indicates that EtherLion scam.

This is what is suspicious:

  • lack of encryption;
  • poor interface quality. The design is primitive, because everything is made on a standard template. All graphical elements are displayed incorrectly, and many analytical and financial tools cannot be used;
  • functionality is limited. Most buttons do not work, many sections are not filled in, the history of operations is not always displayed.

EtherLion fraud, so the data is not displayed in real time. There are speculations in the network that the broker transfers traders' personal information to third parties.

Trading conditions

Forex broker EtherLion has irrelevant quotes. They differ significantly from the market ones, as well as the size of commissions. The company does not inform about possible risks, lures traders with loud promises and charges additional fees. There is no adaptive leverage, and the set of analytical tools is rather meager.

Here is what the broker offers:

  • unrealistic profits on the first trade. EtherLion is a typical scam, so it behaves accordingly;
  • huge bonuses (often exceeding the minimum deposit) for registration. Naturally, you can use them under certain conditions;
  • EtherLion is a fraud, so it offers "exclusive" trading signals with which it is impossible to make money;
  •  ourses sold at discounts, paid access to training materials.

The EtherLion website offers several types of accounts, including VIP. They differ only in the size of the initial payment. In the review about EtherLion wrote that the rates are extremely unfavorable, and spreads are inadequately inflated. You will not be able to make money with this intermediary. Perhaps, at first there will be some profit from transactions, but it is just a trick. EtherLion scam, pretending to be a reliable broker. It does not have access to popular MetaTrader platforms, so it actively imposes fake versions.

How do I replenish my account at Forex broker EtherLion website?

For this purpose, Forex broker EtherLion offers little-known payment systems. Naturally, withdrawal fees are not fixed. They vary from case to case, and you can only request a certain amount. The broker does not cooperate with well-known European banks. Clients' money is not kept separately. In a review about EtherLion it was written that the broker offers third-party web pages for transactions, which contributes to the leakage of traders' personal information. The company does not adhere to the terms of the user agreement, and it is problematic to make a withdrawal on the websiteEtherLion. It is also impossible to return the funds, because for this purpose it is necessary to fulfill a number of unrealistic conditions, which, of course, no one informed about.

Verification and additional services

EtherLion fraud, for which identity verification is just a formality. Plus, it asks for a number of documents that legitimate brokers usually do not ask for. The application is considered for a long time, and the support service does not respond in any way. The company has a wide range of paid courses. It actively launches advertising in social networks, promises instant income, imposes "exclusive" products with the help of which you can get rich. Lures with unique strategies, discounts, bonuses for registration.

Broker EtherLion Reviews

Of course, there are positive comments on the net, but mostly people write that Forex broker EtherLion cannot be trusted. There are regular problems with payments, and the support team is impossible to contact.


EtherLion is a scam, so don't waste your time. With this company it is impossible to make an income, and you can't get the money you earned. Training is paid, there are dubious schemes, unrecorded payments. Data is not protected, there is no secure connection. The quality of the site leaves much to be desired.


Question: Is there a permit to operate in Switzerland?
Answer: No.

Question: Does the broker provide financial statements?
Answer: No.

Question: Does the broker have additional write-offs?
Answer: Yes.

Question: Can I read the documents on the website?
Answer: No, because they are simply hidden.

Question: Does the broker practice calls from hidden numbers?
Answer: Yes.

Question: Does the support service answer?
Answer: No.



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