Dissecting the sleazy Forex broker Blockchainera

In the world of trading, choosing a broker plays a vital role. It is the broker who is the link between the trader and the stock market. Unfortunately, there are instances where unscrupulous brokers use their position to defraud their clients. Blockchainera is one of such companies.

Why is Blockchainera a scam?

According to clients' testimonies, Blockchainera, not having the necessary licences, behaves in a very unprofessional manner and violates the established regulations. The support service does not respond to queries, and the quality of the official website leaves much to be desired. Some customers even claim that Blockchainera is engaged in stock price manipulation, creating false signals for investors and imitating demand in the market.

Lack of documents

Blockchainera does not provide documents to prove the legality of its activities. There is no legal information on the website and financial statements are never provided. This should already raise certain suspicions in your mind.

Incompetent staff

Blockchainera's staff shows incompetence and unprofessionalism. They often use bots to post "positive" reviews and have been seen manipulating stock prices.

Spreading false information

Blockchainera regularly publishes false reports and recommendations on their website and social media, which misleads traders.

Use of "spoofing"

Blockchainera uses "spoofing" tactics, simulating buy/sell orders for shares at a lower price, which creates a false impression of a price drop.

Artificially creating demand

Blockchainera uses computer programmes to buy and sell, which allows it to influence the prices of financial instruments and increase investor interest.

Why should you not trust Blockchainera?

Apart from the facts mentioned above, there are several reasons why you should be wary of Blockchainera.

Negative reviews

Blockchainera has a lot of negative reviews from customers who have been affected by its dishonest practices. Many of them have been unable to withdraw their money and there has been reported pressure from the staff.

Ineffective customer service

Blockchainera's customer support service has proven to be inefficient and mobile commerce is not developed. In addition, there were cases of charging additional commissions that were not specified in the contract.


Blockchainera is a broker that you should not trust. With this broker you can simply lose your money. Investing in financial market trading is already a risk in itself, and the last thing you need is an unscrupulous broker who will use your trust to their advantage. Be careful and always check the broker before investing your money.


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