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Modern technology opens up incredible possibilities. A hundred years ago, to trade on the stock exchange, brokers would gather in a hall and shout their orders. Now traders can trade remotely, from the comfort of their own homes. However, some religions, such as Islam, may place restrictions on such trading. That's why Forex broker RGN FINANCIAL PLANNING LTD offers special accounts for traders.

Islamic Trading Accounts, also known as Swap Free Accounts, are special trading accounts designed to allow Muslims to trade online, without having to worry about their religious beliefs. The main feature that distinguishes an Islamic trading account from a regular trading account is that there are no swap fees or interest rates. Such transactions are considered "riba" (usury) and are therefore forbidden in Islam.

Islam prohibits paying or receiving interest and engaging in transactions with a high degree of uncertainty. Forex broker RGN FINANCIAL PLANNING LTD respects the religious beliefs of its clients. Therefore, it has special types of accounts. These accounts are arranged in such a way that they exclude aspects of trading that may be contrary to Islam.

Features of swap-free accounts with RGN FINANCIAL PLANNING LTD broker

Special accounts are used so that traders can trade and not violate their beliefs. These accounts have several important features:

  • Rib Avoidance. The most important principle is to avoid charging interest ("riba"). This is why Islamic accounts do not have an overnight swap fee. Most standard trading accounts do. A fee is charged when a position is left open overnight.
  • Transparency and fairness. In accordance with Islamic principles of justice and fairness, all charges and commissions must be clearly stated. Trading conditions should be transparent to both parties.
  • Immediate settlement of the transaction. According to Shariah law, settlement of trades should be done immediately. Assets and their corresponding value must be promptly transferred to the buyer and seller.
  • Avoidance of gharar (uncertainty). Transactions involving excessive uncertainty or ambiguity are prohibited.
  • Avoidance of haram products. Islamic accounts should not be used to trade in products that are haram (forbidden).

The broker www.rgnfinancialplanningltd.com has made every effort to create a comfortable trading environment. However, it is better for religious traders to consult before trading. This will help to avoid any conflicts with beliefs when trading.

How do commissions work on an Islamic account?

The www.rgnfinancialplanningltd.com broker charges a fixed commission instead of swaps and interest commissions. The broker also charges a flat fee for holding a position for a few days without charging interest. The idea is to replace the revenue that the broker would have received from the interest swap fee with another type of fee that is not based on interest. In this way, conflicts with beliefs are avoided.


One of the biggest dangers for novice traders is unscrupulous brokers. Working with them leads to loss of funds and leakage of personal and financial information. That is why it is worth paying attention to the key differences between scam brokers:

  • Lack of proper licensing. Fraudulent brokers often operate without proper licenses from regulatory bodies.
  • Guaranteed returns. No investment is risk-free. Be wary of brokers who promise guaranteed or unusually high returns.
  • Pressure tactics. Scammers often use strong pressure tactics to get you to make a hasty investment decision.
  • Lack of transparency. A legitimate broker provides detailed reports, investment rationale and maintains open communication. An unscrupulous broker often does not.
  • Lack of documentation. A reputable broker provides all necessary documentation, including contracts, statements and disclosures.

Forex broker RGN FINANCIAL PLANNING LTD is not a scam. The company operates honestly, discloses all risks to clients in advance and has nothing to hide. The broker has all the necessary documents to work. The activities of www.rgnfinancialplanningltd.com are monitored by the regulatory authorities. The company does not promise clients easy money and win-win strategies. Instead, traders have access to a training materials section. Webinars, articles, books and other sources of knowledge are available to all clients without restriction.

The integrity of the RGN FINANCIAL PLANNING LTD broker is confirmed by reviews. In them, customers note the high level of professionalism and responsiveness of the support service, the speed of order execution and the first-class design of the broker's website. Everything works quickly and the site is intuitive to navigate.

The number of assets available for trading is also noted in the reports. Clients of RGN FINANCIAL PLANNING LTD broker can trade many different assets based on analytical tools. Traders have access to more than ten types of charts, an economic calendar and other tools that make forecasting and trading easier.


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