Dangers of Working with Forex Broker Expo Trust Review

Details: Expo Trust Review
Website address: expo-trust.net

Be cautious with Forex broker Expo Trust Review, as cooperating with them will not yield any profit for you. Many dishonest brokers present themselves as legitimate Swiss companies, but in reality, they are not. They refuse to payout funds, ignore customer inquiries, and engage in fraudulent activities. Unfortunately, Forex broker Expo Trust Review is among them. This broker is a typical scammer that limits the use of strategies, offers expensive courses, and promises unrealistically high profits. It is not recommended to deal with them, as they deceive clients and take their money. Reviews of Expo Trust Review are mostly negative, which is not surprising.

What signs indicate fraud by the broker?

The broker does not have registration in Switzerland, operates without the necessary licenses, and is not subject to regulation by authorities. There is no information about them in official registers. The legality of their activities is not confirmed. The main page of the Expo Trust Review website does not present the company's history, contact information, or legal documents. Access to financial statements is closed. The company claims to be a legitimate business, which it is not. The website is carelessly made, many sections are empty, external links and errors are present. The website's interface is simple but inconvenient to use, and the design is overloaded with unnecessary elements. All this indicates that Expo Trust Review is a fraudulent scheme. The domain was registered very recently. There is aggressive advertising on social networks, and cases of calls from anonymous numbers have been recorded, where company employees insist on transferring money to their cards. The broker actively initiates contact, makes unfounded promises, and omits information about risks. It is impossible to find useful information on the Expo Trust Review website, the news section is not updated, and comments from experts are absent.

Registration and Personal Account

The fraudulent nature of Expo Trust Review is repeatedly confirmed by the lack of transparency and other factors. The registration process raises suspicions due to its excessive simplicity, as it only requires a surname, first name, and contact phone number. The verification procedure deviates from the standard, requiring an excessive number of documents. The Forex broker Expo Trust Review also asks for bank card details. Welcome bonuses for registration are introduced, which, as it turns out, are practically impossible to use. A detailed examination of reviews about Expo Trust Review reveals that it is a typical scam with a non-functional support service. Although communication channels with operators are provided, it is impossible to receive real responses, and customer inquiries are ignored. The poor quality of the personal account also indicates that Expo Trust Review is a fraudulent scheme. Here are the main points of suspicion:

  • Data encryption is absent;
  • The interface quality is low. A primitive design based on standard templates is used. Graphical elements display incorrectly, making many analytical and financial tools unusable;
  • The website's functionality is limited. Most buttons do not work, many sections are empty, and the transaction history information often does not display correctly.

Fraud by Expo Trust Review results in data not being presented in real-time. There are claims on the internet that the broker distributes traders' personal information to third parties.

Trading Conditions of Broker Expo Trust Review

The Forex broker Expo Trust Review presents outdated quotes that significantly differ from the current market values, as well as the sizes of commission fees. The company does not inform clients about potential risks, attracting them with inflated promises and charging additional fees. There is no possibility to use an adaptive leverage, and the range of analytical tools is limited. Here is what the broker offers:

  • Promises unrealistically high profits from the first transaction. Expo Trust Review is a typical scam scheme and behaves accordingly;
  • Offers significant bonuses for registration, often exceeding the size of the minimum deposit. Bonuses can only be used under certain conditions;
  • Expo Trust Review engages in fraud by offering "exclusive" trading signals, the use of which does not lead to earnings;
  • Courses sold at discounts, paid access to educational materials.

The Expo Trust Review website offers several types of accounts, including VIP, which differ only in the size of the initial deposit. Reviews of Expo Trust Review mention that the tariff conditions are extremely unfavorable, and the spreads are unjustifiably high. It is unlikely that one can earn with this intermediary. It may seem that there is some profit from transactions at the beginning of cooperation, but this is just a maneuver. Expo Trust Review is a scammer that positions itself as a reliable broker. Since it lacks access to popular MetaTrader platforms, it actively offers fakes.

How to deposit funds with Forex broker Expo Trust Review?

Withdrawal fees at this Forex broker Expo Trust Review are not fixed and can vary depending on the situation, with a limitation on the amount that can be requested for withdrawal. The broker does not work with well-known European banks, and client funds are not stored in separate accounts. Reviews of Expo Trust Review indicate that the broker uses third-party web pages for transactions, which increases the risk of leakage of traders' personal data. The company does not comply with the terms of the user agreement, making it difficult to withdraw funds on the Expo Trust Review website. Returning money also seems impossible, as it requires meeting a series of unrealistic conditions that are not disclosed in advance.

Verification Process and Additional Services

Expo Trust Review operates as a scam scheme where identity verification holds no real value. Moreover, the company requires documents that legitimate brokers typically do not concern themselves with. The application process is time-consuming, and the support service does not respond to inquiries. This company offers a wide selection of paid courses. It actively promotes itself on social media, promising quick profits and offering "exclusive" products for rapid enrichment. It attracts customers with unique strategies, discounts, and registration bonuses.

Reviews of Broker Expo Trust Review

While positive reviews can be found online, the majority of users state that Forex broker Expo Trust Review cannot be trusted. Difficulties often arise in receiving payments, and it becomes impossible to contact customer support.


Expo Trust Review is engaged in fraudulent activities, so it is not worth wasting your time. Cooperation with this company will not lead to income, and it will not be possible to withdraw earned funds. Training is offered for an additional fee, with dubious manipulations and hidden commissions present. Data protection is not guaranteed, nor is a secure connection. The quality of the website does not meet standards.


Question: Does the broker have a license to operate in Switzerland?
Answer: No.

Question: Does the broker publish financial reports?
Answer: No.

Question: Does the broker charge additional fees?
Answer: Yes.

Question: Can official documents be found on the broker's website?
Answer: No, as they are not provided.

Question: Does the broker use anonymous calls for communication?
Answer: Yes.

Question: Does customer support respond to inquiries?
Answer: No.


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