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There are so many scammers now that it is becoming more and more difficult every day to choose a normal intermediary. Most of them make up for themselves the presence of Swiss registration, because such sites are more trustworthy. But, in fact, there are no such documents, and the company just creates the appearance of attracting clients. Forex broker IG-Canada is one of them. It works without documents and certainly does not have registration in Switzerland, as well as the appropriate permits to work in its territory.

Why is Forex broker IG-Canada a scam?

No one here informs you about the risks, and there is too much advertising on the website. Employees are the first to initiate contact and start calling even those who have not shown any interest in trading. A lot of spam comes in social networks, because the company has several accounts there. This is another indication that the site is engaged in fraud:

  • action restrictions. IG-Canada is a fraud, it does not allow the use of a number of strategies, and also, only a certain payout amount can be requested here;
  • training. Everything is provided on a paid basis. The IG-Canada website is filled with advertising offers, but there are no educational materials freely available there;
  • hidden fees, non-fixed commissions, the amount of which is not specified anywhere. IG-Canada is fraud and there is nothing to be surprised about;
  • Obstacles in getting what you have earned. Payments have not come to anyone, so you should not count on income. IG-Canada is a scam giving false guarantees and no more.

The company is suitable for those who want to lose their money. Behavior is intrusive, there are no payouts, trading conditions are not normally spelled out. The IG-Canada website has a lot of third-party links, as well as false success stories. They are all of the same type, and the photos are taken from stock photos. The broker restricts the use of strategies and imposes questionable tools. IG-Canada is a scam and there is no need to open an account here.

Forex broker licenses IG-Canada

The company positions itself as a legal intermediary, but in fact it is not. It is not registered in Switzerland, does not have the appropriate authorizations, so its activity is simply illegal. IG-Canada is a scam, which operates without documents, is not controlled by the regulator, does not provide reporting.

Registration and overview of Forex broker IG-Canada personal cabinet

At first glance everything is normal, and the procedure itself is slightly simplified, but if you look into all the nuances, you will realize that too many documents are requested. In the review about IG-Canada it was mentioned that the broker does not apply any measures for data protection. The personal cabinet is inconvenient. It does not display the history of trading operations, as well as the account status. Most of the functions are unavailable or require additional payment for use. The interface is overloaded, charts move, communication with the support service through the personal cabinet is not provided. This indicates that IG-Canada is scam and there is no need to cooperate with it.

Terms of work with Forex broker IG-Canada

Be prepared that you will be promised earnings from the first minutes and told about risk-free trading. The support service does not answer to anyone (it does not exist in principle), and the IG-Canada website has no clear terms and conditions. Training is paid, many sections are simply not filled out. This is what lures the middleman:

  • profit from the first open position;
  • leverage is the same for everyone;
  • access to "unique" assets that no other broker has;
  • analytics from world experts (the broker does not publish even comments, and also, does not update the news feed);
  • low commissions (they are not fixed and are charged arbitrarily);
  • simple, clear process of applying for payments (in fact, it is not and it is unrealistic to get the earned money).

The company specializes in false guarantees, so everything here is based on untrue promises and omitting risks.

Types of trading accounts with Forex broker IG-Canada

There aren't many types of accounts featured on the site, but here's what the company has to offer:

  • standard;
  • platinum;
  • premium.

The difference is only in the size of the initial payment, because if you understand, the accounts are the same, and if IG-Canada Forex broker and offers some "pluses" they still can not be used.

Trading terminals at Forex broker IG-Canada

The company does not have its own software, so it offers to use MetaTrader. However, not the original, but a copy, which is set up so that traders trade at a loss. IG-Canada is a fraud, which actively publishes irrelevant quotes, manipulates prices, and executes orders with maximum delay. The support service does not answer to anyone, as it simply does not exist. Access to technical analysis can be obtained for a fee, which is not surprising.

Terms of deposit and refund with Forex broker IG-Canada

For all transactions, little-known payment systems are offered, which do not provide for refunds. It is also possible to make a deposit using cryptocurrency, which is indicated on the IG-Canada website. It is not written anywhere about commissions, and the user agreement is constantly changing and of course no one informs clients about it. IG-Canada is a fraud, which does not provide compensation, automatically blocks or rejects the withdrawal request, so you should not count on receiving a payout.

Verification at Forex broker IG-Canada

The company only pretends to be Swiss and has nothing to do with legal sites. Therefore, the procedure for confirming identity here is specific. The client needs to upload a number of documents, as well as provide bank card and account details. Normal brokers do not ask for such information.

Additional services of Forex broker IG-Canada

The company does not skimp on promises. It guarantees instant earnings without any risks, which violates the basic rule of trading. There are also "profitable" strategies developed for a limited number of users, as well as trading signals for a subscription. The IG-Canada website is full of similar offers aimed at luring as many customers as possible. False guarantees, dubious schemes, as well as leverage provided on certain (of course, unfavorable conditions). Forex broker IG-Canada can also impose such services:

  • account control. This means that the manager will manage the deposit, make all the trades for the trader and bring him fabulous income. In reality, everything happens the other way around, because it is not profitable for the company to make money;
  • "risk-free" transactions. The broker periodically offers to carry out such operations, promising compensation in case of a loss. Of course, no one provides it or informs you about a number of additional conditions;
  • paid courses that contain outdated or untrue information.

IG-Canada is a fraud. Some clients wrote that they were offered additional insurance, as well as individual counseling at a special rate.

Forex broker IG-Canada reviews

They are mostly negative. Traders are dissatisfied with the quality of service, plus, none of them has never received the promised payouts. The IG-Canada reviews states the following:

  • transactions are closed automatically;
  • Forex broker IG-Canada pressures and offers to invest in non-existent products;
  •  there are hidden fees;
  • the terms are not spelled out and they change all the time;
  • social media spamming.

Also, the IG-Canada reviews repeatedly noted that the company manipulates prices, publishes irrelevant quotes.

Conclusions about Forex broker IG-Canada

The company pretends to be Swiss, although in fact it is not. There are no documents indicating the legality of the activity, and in the Reviews about IG-Canada they write that clients are deceived here. The broker sells courses, does not provide free training, practices calls from hidden numbers. The behavior is unprofessional. IG-Canada is a fraud so it is better to bypass this company.


  • Q: Are there any additional conditions for withdrawal?
  • A: Yes. At a minimum, you need to reach a certain trading volume.
  • Question: Does the broker have a personal terminal and a demo account?
  • The answer is no.
  • Q: Is there any chance that the money will still arrive in the account?
  • Answer: As practice shows, you should not expect such a thing.
  • Q: Are there compensations or refunds available?
  • Answer: No, for no one is protecting the interests of clients.
  • Question: Has anyone had a positive experience with the broker?
  • The answer is no.


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