Millenium Capital: Revealing the Truth behind Forex Fraud

In the intricate world of Forex trading, the role of a reliable broker is crucial. Millenium Capitals, however, presents a different story. Despite its ostensible appeal, a careful examination reveals alarming red flags about the company. This article aims to scrutinize these warning signs and offer an enlightening perspective on the true nature of this Forex-broker.

1. A Closer Look at the Website

Millenium Capitals' website is the first indicator of its dubious operations. The site bears signs of hasty construction, with a lack of secure connection, poor design quality, and barely readable fonts. Furthermore, the text blocks contain errors and external links, but substantial company information is missing.

1.1 Absence of Essential Information

On its website, Millenium Capitals fails to provide crucial details like legal documents, registration information, or contact details for customer support. It lacks a proprietary trading terminal and instead offers an unknown application for stock market operations.

1.2 Inadequate Mobile Trading

Millenium Capitals mobile trading is underdeveloped, and the internet is replete with negative reviews, indicating that this Forex-broker could be a scammer.

2. Company Background: A Fleeting Existence

Millenium Capitals surfaced barely a month ago. However, it has already found its way into the blacklist of major international registrars. It operates without regulatory oversight, and no payouts have been reported so far.

2.1 Complaints from Customers

Customers have raised concerns about unprofessional conduct and the exclusive service provision to those registered in Switzerland, further casting a shadow over the credibility of Millenium Capitals.

3. Unethical Practices

Millenium Capitals also engages in news falsification and technical manipulations. It lacks a properly drafted user agreement and does not adhere to contracts, levying additional charges.

3.1 Aggressive Contact Approach

The company's employees initiate contact, making numerous calls from different numbers. Millenium Capitals does not provide financial reports, and reaching their customer support seems impossible.

3.2 Discrepancies in Market Quotes

The company fails to disclose risks, and its market quotes deviate significantly from market standards. Millenium Capitals is a scammer that dupes customers out of their money while violating ethical market principles.

4. Customer Data Security

Customer data is not secured, which means it can be freely transferred to malefactors. The safety of payments is also questionable, as the company suggests making transactions through unknown systems.

5. Indicators of Scam

Apart from a poorly designed website and lack of registration, Millenium Capitals aggressively cold calls customers from various numbers. It also sends unsolicited emails and social media messages.

5.1 Unresponsive Customer Support

Their customer support does not respond to queries, and there is psychological pressure from the employees. Here's why you should avoid opening an account with this Forex-broker:

  • Unbelievably low rates
  • No fixed commissions
  • Delayed order executions
  • Deals can be automatically cancelled
  • Additional charges not mentioned in the agreement
  • Website is not searchable
  • Problems with user agreement
  • Brand emerged a month ago
  • Price manipulations
  • Hidden documents
  • Most services only available to those registered in Switzerland
  • No regulatory control
  • Promises of instant profits
  • Aggressive behavior
  • False statistics publication

Millenium Capitals violates existing standards, fails to make payouts, and has a tarnished reputation.

6. Conclusion: Millenium Capitals, A Scammer to Be Wary Of

It's challenging to consider Millenium Capitals as a legitimate entity, given the absence of any evidence supporting its legal operations. Negative reviews about the service abound, accusing it of dishonesty and lack of payouts.

6.1 Manipulation of Ratings

To inflate its ratings, Millenium Capitals uses bots to publish identical positive reviews. The company's history is also sketchy, with numerous unreliable aspects.

6.2 Price Manipulations

It's known to occasionally manipulate prices, create artificial demand, and generate false signals for investors. While the broker allegedly offers a credit lever, its conditions are pretty vague.

6.3 Misleading Reports and Spoofing

Millenium Capitals is a scammer that regularly posts false data and fictitious analytical reports, misleading traders. Moreover, it uses 'spoofing' to create an illusion of price drops, mimicking futures orders, and thereby creating artificial demand.

Millenium Capitals extracts funds without disclosing risks and suggests using unverified payment systems. Stay vigilant, and remember, in the world of Forex trading, not all that glitters is gold.


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