Forex broker SMM Limited is a scammer with no registration

About Forex broker SMM Limited

The company pretends to be a Swiss broker, but in reality it is not. Legitimacy is not confirmed in any way, and the reputation is bad. SMM Limited fraud, which only creates the appearance of a reliable intermediary. In reality, payments are not provided, additional commissions are charged, clients' requests are ignored. SMM Limited website is made poorly, the domain name is registered recently. A limited number of assets and instruments are available to clients. It is simply impossible to make a profit here, and you need to reach certain trading volumes to make a payment. SMM Limited is scam, operating illegally, concealing the risks. The company imposes additional services, calls from hidden numbers. In the review about SMM Limited wrote a lot of bad things about the broker, which can be a significant reason to never open an account here. Forex broker SMM Limited does not publish the results of audits, offers to use copies of trading terminals. The quotes provided by the company are very different from the market ones.  SMM Limited is the most common scam that has problems with payments and security.

Documents of Forex broker SMM Limited

Legitimacy is not confirmed, there is no regulatory control, no audits are conducted. There is no information about registration on the website of SMM Limited. The broker pretends to be a Swiss company, but in fact it does not have the relevant permits and licenses. SMM Limited is a fraud providing services illegally.

Education at Forex broker SMM Limited

The training offered by the broker is paid. This is part of the mechanism of deceiving investors, because in fact they are absolutely ineffective courses sold at inadequately inflated prices and the exact cost is not fully known. Forex broker SMM Limited lures clients with empty promises, false success stories, and guarantees of instant payouts. After the client buys access to the educational materials, the company employees start calling, offering additional services and the use of "exclusive" material as part of another, even more unique program. SMM Limited fraud, so it behaves accordingly. It calls from hidden numbers, exerts psychological pressure, makes up false success stories. There is no useful information on the SMM Limited website, but quite a lot of one-size-fits-all reviews about the effectiveness of the course and the quality of training. The real reviews about SMM Limited write differently and highly do not recommend spending money on this educational resource. Naturally, for an additional payment you can get personal mentoring, but the truth is that no one is in touch and the client has to figure out all the nuances on his own. SMM Limited is scam, which could not even intelligibly tell about its educational program, and the available information on the site is quite poor. There is no structure, but there is enough complex terminology. SMM Limited is scam, which sells not only courses, but also "unique" strategies.

Support service at Forex broker SMM Limited

If you hope that the problem will be solved instantly, you are in for a disappointment, for the broker ignores clients' requests. There is only a feedback form on the site, which is created just to imitate a reliable company. In negative reviews about SMM Limited they wrote that no one starts a dialog with traders, so you should not count on support. Forex broker SMM Limited is the most common scammer and the proof of this is the non-working support.

Website and personal cabinet of Forex broker SMM Limited

Familiarity with the company begins with the promise of instant earnings and a welcome bonus for registration. No one informs about potential risks, and on website it is impossible to find reliable information about the work of the intermediary. All documents are hidden, the sections are not filled out. But there are many "successful" stories of clients who allegedly got rich with the help of the company. Quotes are not up to date, no one publishes useful data. Experts' comments are available to a limited number of clients and that is on condition of making an additional payment. Trading conditions are poorly laid out, active buttons are inconveniently located. The interface of the SMM Limited website is absolutely ill-conceived. It was created on the basis of a standard template, but user experience was not taken into account. The design is simple, but overloaded with details. Most of the interactive elements do not work. SMM Limited fraud and there are enough third-party links on its site. The connection is not secured, which means that data leakage is not excluded. Website SMM Limited can hardly be called safe, reliable, convenient. Plus, it is poorly indexed by search engines. The personal cabinet is made on a "quick" hand, so the functionality is limited, and navigation is extremely inconvenient. The set of analytical tools is limited.

Is SMM Limited a Scammer

Is it realistic to receive payments from Forex broker SMM Limited?

No. There may be a limited number of lucky people who managed to get the money they earned, but in general, all applications are automatically rejected. The broker hinders in every possible way to receive funds, charges inadequate commissions, imposes dubious payment systems. Forex broker SMM Limited behaves unprofessionally, spontaneously changes trading conditions, does not provide compensation.

Conclusions about Forex broker SMM Limited

The company's activity is questionable. It is a typical scammer that swindles funds, does not pay out the money earned. There is a significant security problem, and the terms of transactions are quite controversial. Forex broker SMM Limited operates without documents, charges made-up commissions, does not comply with current market standards. It is not controlled by regulators, does not comply with the terms of the user agreement. SMM Limited is a common fraud, which you should not do any business with.


Question: Is the broker's activity legal?
Answer: No. At least the documents are not published anywhere.

Question: In case of losses can I count on compensation?
Answer: No. The company does not provide such compensation.

Question: Is identity verification necessary?
Answer: Yes. But the process is quite specific, because the broker requests a significant number of documents.

Question: Is it possible to withdraw funds?
Answer: In theory yes, but in practice it is not, because the money does not come to anyone. The broker hinders in every possible way to receive payments.

Question: Is there a possibility to return the lost funds?
Answer: The probability is extremely low. This company does not protect clients' interests in any way, so compensation or refund is unlikely.


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