Top Euro FX review - scam Forex broker

In the world of online forex trading, choosing a reliable broker is a crucial decision. However, not all brokers are what they claim to be. One such example is Top Euro FX, which has been accused of being a fraudster. This article aims to shed light on the allegations against Top Euro FX, its practices, and the experiences of its customers.

Understanding Top Euro FX

Top Euro FX is a forex broker that claims to provide a platform for trading various currencies. However, there have been numerous allegations about the company's unethical practices, high commissions, unclear terms and conditions, and lack of customer support.

The Red Flags

There are several alarming issues associated with Top Euro FX that potential customers should be aware of.

Poor Website Quality

Top Euro FX's website has been reported to have frequent glitches, with graphical elements not rendering properly and several sections lacking information. The color scheme is not user-friendly, and the fonts are difficult to read.

Lack of Security Measures

Top Euro FX does not employ any special encryption to protect user data. The payment services it uses are ephemeral, further indicating potential fraudulent activity.

No Customer Support

Despite numerous complaints, there has been no response from Top Euro FX's customer support. The absence of any supportive documents and integration with forex services raises questions about the company.

Deceptive Advertising

Top Euro FX engages in deceptive advertising, promising high returns in a short span and using photos of celebrities as alleged clients. It also uses spam messages and mass emailing, often demanding prepayments and extracting personal information.

Unclear Terms

The broker uses complex terminologies and does not clearly state important details, such as commissions and withdrawal conditions.

Unnecessary Urgency

Top Euro FX creates a sense of urgency and limited offer to pressure customers into depositing money.

Negative Customer Reviews

Top Euro FX has received numerous negative reviews from its clients. The complaints include:

  1. Website glitches and delayed order execution.
  2. Inability to withdraw money as access to the user account gets blocked.
  3. Unfair cancellation of trades.
  4. Impractical spreads.
  5. Unexplained fines and high commissions.
  6. Provision of false signals and pushing for third-party apps.

Unreliable Website

The company's website is poorly developed and difficult to locate on search engines. Additionally, the domain name was registered just a month ago, further raising suspicions.

Dubious Facts

Aside from misleading advertising and dishonest practices, Top Euro FX also charges unaccounted commissions, imposes unclear fines, and uses bots to improve reputation.

Lack of Transparency

Top Euro FX does not disclose any risks or provide information about the legality of its operations. It also insists on downloading an unidentified software and does not recommend using antivirus.

Based on the issues mentioned above, it is clear that Top Euro FX is not a trustworthy broker. Its deceptive practices, unclear terms, false regulator information, and unrealistic promises are all indicators of a scam.


In conclusion, Top Euro FX seems to fit the profile of a fraudulent forex broker. Its unethical practices, negative reviews, and the absence of any legal documents or regulatory oversight make it an unreliable choice for traders. It is advisable to approach this broker with caution and conduct thorough research before deciding to invest.


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