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Most unscrupulous companies only pretend to be Swiss brokers, but in reality they are not. This is done in order to attract attention and create a false impression of reliability. Forex broker Justness Expert belongs to such companies. The company has managed to establish itself as a fraudster that does not fulfill its obligations. The platform does not meet the norms, standards of regulators. It is not registered in Switzerland and works without documents.

Signs of fraud

Justness Expert is a scam and here is what points to it:

  • unprofessional behavior;
  • quality of the site (there are advertisements, third-party links, errors);
  • lack of documents;
  • ignoring customers;
  • negative reviews;
  • calls from hidden numbers;
  • imposition of dubious trading instruments;
  • limit on payouts (which do not come to anyone);
  • paid education.

Everything looks too dubious to open an account here. There is no transparency, commissions are charged arbitrarily, payments are denied. This is the most common scammer, not worth the time and money.

Basic information

Justnessexpert.com website is full of promotional offers, loud promises, but there is no useful information on it. It is impossible to find contacts for communication with representatives of the site, documents or at least some information indicating the legality of the activity. Justness Expert is a fraud who only positions itself as a Swiss company, but it is not, as there is no regulatory control and licenses.

Registration and overview of the personal cabinet

Justness Expert website is made on a standard template. You should not expect more from a company with such a rating. Navigation is inconvenient, the logic of the elements arrangement is absent. The personal cabinet is also weird. It seems unfinished, and the functionality is extremely limited. Justness Expert is a fraud who does not require complicated passwords. It has a primitive registration (phone number + name), as well as a rather meager set of tools.

Working conditions

Justness Expert is a fraud who only pretends to have Swiss registration. Commissions are not fixed, not described anywhere, it is unreal to receive payments. All documents and contact details are hidden. Justness Expert website is difficult to find in search engines, and its interface is inconvenient, overloaded with details. Several types of accounts are available to clients, but Justnessexpert.com reviews wrote that it is essentially the same account, only with a different size of the initial deposit. Here's what else the broker promises:

  • Risk-free trading and earnings from the first trade. Forex broker Justness Expert keeps silent about potential losses, convincing you otherwise;
  • instant execution of orders (in fact, it is not so, because everything freezes and pages load extremely slowly);
  • too low spreads and commissions;
  • bonuses for registration. Justness Expert is fraud and although it promises encouragement, but you can't use the welcome funds.

Clients' money is not kept in separate accounts, for Justness Expert is a scam, which does not care about security.

Account funding and refunds

Justnessexpert.com is a scam that automatically rejects withdrawal request. Yes, this is exactly true, for no one receives payments, as it is simply impossible to make them. There are always failures, "technical" work starts or simply the personal cabinet is closed at the stage of filling out the form. Forex broker Justness Expert does not return funds, does not pay compensation.


On the Justness Expert website, only a bank account statement and a photo of the card are uploaded. These are all the documents you need to provide to verify your identity. Not much, but at least it's something. True, Justness Expert is a fraud who will consider the application within days and transfer personal data to third parties. This has also been the subject of several negative reviews about Justness Expert.

Justness Expert: Is it regulated?

Additional services

Only registration is free at Forex broker Justnessexpert.com. You have to pay for everything else, including economic news, analytics, and expert comments. There are trading signals sold at an inadequate price, robots for automated trading. Here are what other additional services the broker can offer:

  • "unique, exclusive" strategies that are not developed individually, but are equally suitable for everyone. In fact, this is not the case, and Justness Expert reviews mentioned that this is another scam, because, in fact, the broker offers a standard set of rules, which everyone can read on the Internet, adapting it to their needs;
  • account management. Justness Expert is a scam, earning on everything. The essence of the service is to transfer access to the account to a "top" trader who will trade for the client. It remains to wait and get profit, but there will be no money, and very soon there will be a minus on the account;
  • paid access to educational resources. Justness Expert is a scam. It is in full swing selling various manuals, tutorials, courses. Sometimes with discounts, sometimes at full price, but it is all equally useless. Justness Expert reviews wrote that normal brokers provide all these materials for free;
  • insurance against unforeseen circumstances (sharp fluctuations in the exchange rate, decrease in the value of the asset, etc.). Forex broker Justness Expert promises to reimburse losses, but never does.

The company also offers access to "unique" analytics. True, normal brokers publish it for free, but here there are certain rates for distribution.


There is no one who would have good impressions from cooperation with the company. Reviews about Justness Expert are negative, for it is the most common scammer, charging additional fees and not making withdrawal requests. People write that Justness Expert is a fraud and it is impossible to make money with it.


If we take into account all the information provided, we can safely say that Justness Expert is a fraud and it is not suitable for cooperation. The platform works illegally. It is definitely not a Swiss broker, with which you can really make money. Commissions are charged arbitrarily, there are no payouts.


Question: Will I be compensated in case of unforeseen circumstances?
Answer: No.

Question: What payment systems are available for transactions?
Answer: Justness Expert is a scam, so do not expect it to offer normal options for financial transactions. Basically it offers to use crypto wallet or employee cards.

Question: How many days does the payout come in?
Answer: It does not come at all, as Justness Expert Forex broker is a scammer and rejects withdrawal requests.

Question: Does the broker work officially?
Answer: No, Justness Expert Forex broker pretends to be a licensed Swiss broker. In reality, it is not.

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