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Many unscrupulous companies pretend to be Swiss brokers because they are trustworthy and people are more willing to open accounts. Forex broker Lova Crypto pretends to be a legitimate platform, but in reality it is another fraudster working without documents. There are no fixed commissions, all information about the site is hidden. Plus, no normal payment systems are offered for transactions, and the training is paid and consists of dubious manuals.

Signs of fraud

Lova Crypto is a scam and here's why:

  • no payouts;
  • calls from hidden numbers;
  • offer to invest in dubious assets;
  • working without documents;
  • no support service;
  • negative reviews;
  • obstruction in receiving earnings;
  • limitation in the use of strategies;
  • paid courses and a number of additional services.

There are no normal terminals, the user agreement is hidden, there is no transparency. The company does everything possible to make traders trade at a loss. This is a typical scammer, with whom you should not cooperate.

Basic information

Lovacrypto.com website is unremarkable. The design is primitive, the interface is inconvenient, the navigation is incomprehensible. The site doesn’t have any documents, but actively pretends to be a Swiss company, but they have neither licenses nor relevant permits. Lova Crypto is a fraud, which has only recently appeared on the market, but has already managed to get a bad reputation.

Registration and overview of personal cabinet

Lova Crypto website is obviously unfinished. All elements are arranged illogically, the main page is not filled in, there is no information about the company anywhere. The personal cabinet is also not very good. It constantly crashes, plus the history of trading operations is displayed once in a while. The set of tools, as well as the functionality, is quite limited. Lovacrypto.com is a fraud, although it tries to pass itself off as a legitimate company, but it does not succeed very well. Registration is as simplified as possible. In fact, you only need to enter your phone number and name to become a client of the broker.

Working conditions

Lova Crypto is a fraud posing as a Swiss broker. There are invented commissions, complete non-compliance with norms and current standards. The user agreement is not published anywhere. Traders are offered to use MetaTrader 4 and 5. There are download links on the website Lovacrypto.com. But it is nowhere indicated that these are copies customized so that clients just lose money. The varieties of accounts are all the same (if Lova Crypto reviews are to be believed), the only difference is the size of the initial deposit. Here's what else the broker is trying to attract with:

  • instant profit from the first trade. Forex broker Lova Crypto emphasizes on this, because they cannot offer anything else;
  • unbelievable commissions and spreads;
  • life-changing stories. Lova Crypto is a fraud and on its website there is quite a lot of such content. Allegedly, a person opened an account with their last money, and in a month they became a millionaire, and only thanks to the company and its favorable conditions.

If you hope that your money will be on separate accounts, you are mistaken. No one here cares about the safety of clients, does not create comfortable conditions for them, because Lova Crypto is a scam.

Deposit and refund

Lova Crypto is a fraud, so you will not be able to make a withdrawal here. Even at the stage of application there are a number of difficulties, starting from the suddenly appeared trading volume, ending with the limit on the amount. In addition, in most cases the request is simply rejected. Forex broker Lova Crypto does not provide for refunds or compensation.


On the Lova Crypto website you only need to upload your card details or bank account statement. This is the only way to verify your identity, as Lova Crypto is a fraud and it does not consider any other option. Verification itself takes a few minutes, but no one guarantees the safety of your data. Lovacrypto.com reviews mentioned that the company passes information to third parties.

Additional services

Forex broker Lova Crypto has trading signals, analytics, expert forecasts, but they are sold at a certain price, because only registration is free. Here is what else this broker offers:

  • "unique strategies" with which you can make your first million in a week. Lova Crypto reviews mentioned that this set of rules is no different from the ones you can read for free on the internet;
  • account management. Lova Crypto sis a scam, so it asks for a rather large sum for this service. Allegedly, a more "experienced" trader will make transactions on behalf of the client, but it will not bring profit, as the company will do everything to create a negative balance on the account;
  • paid training. Lova Crypto is a scam. It does not provide free access to educational materials like normal companies do. Instead, it actively sells various courses and tutorials. Lova Crypto reviews wrote that the educational resources are not interesting, not effective;
  • contingency insurance. Forex broker Lovacrypto.com guarantees to compensate for losses if the need arises, but in reality this does not happen.

Another thing the company may offer is a "unique" newsletter that will allow you to make additional profits from your trades. In fact, this is economic news, which normal brokers publish for free on the site.


It is difficult to find good comments about the company's work on the web, for all reviews about Lova Crypto are negative. And this is not surprising, as it is difficult to write something good about someone who simply lures money out and does not fulfill his obligations. They often write about hidden commissions, unprofessional behavior, aggressive marketing. Lova Crypto is a fraud and its reputation is terrible.


Based on the presented data, we can say that Lova Crypto is a fraud. The platform is illegal, does not work officially, has no registration. Commissions are charged arbitrarily, it is impossible to receive payments.


Question: How can I get compensation?
Answer: Unfortunately, it is impossible, as the company does not have such a function.

Question: How does the broker protect clients' data?
Answer: It doesn’t, as Lova Crypto is a scam.

Question: How long do I have to wait for withdrawal on average?
Answer: Infinitely long. Lova Crypto Forex broker is a scam and it does not provide payouts.

Question: Does the broker have an official registration?
Answer: No, Lova Crypto Forex broker works illegally and only pretends to be a Swiss company.

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