Switzerland: How do you find a job in one of the richest countries in the world?

Living and working in Switzerland can be a really good choice. General compliance, favorable taxation, a stimulating international environment, insane wealth and many other positive aspects are the reasons why many Italian citizens seek to settle in this Alpine country. The goal is to change their lives for the better, but to do so, it is necessary to have all the information in order not to make rash and uninformative choices.

So the question arises: how to look for a job in Switzerland? In the following paragraphs we will give you some tips on how to achieve your life goal. There are two aspects that are very attractive to keep in mind: firstly, the lowest unemployment rate in the country compared to other European countries, as well as the average salary of around 4,500 euros and even higher.

Not bad, right? That's all our recommendations!

Among the various portals, we can't help but mention the official Swiss job search website. Here you can get an idea of what Switzerland has to offer Italians: professional courses, internships, jobs and much more. Also to be considered is the possibility of finding a job thanks to the advertisements published or sponsored by the RAV (employment centers) scattered throughout the country. The fundamental element in any case is a resume in European and multilingual format.

The practice of searching for jobs by directly contacting local companies by sending self-candidates should not be neglected either. A full list of Swiss companies can be found on the website of the Swiss Chambers of Commerce.

Which professions are in demand

There are many in-demand professions in Switzerland in a variety of sectors. From doctors to engineers, welders to budget managers - in short, a great variety that can only be beneficial.

These include programmers, engineers, financial analysts, marketers, administrative assistants, managers, ceramicists and tinkerers. The health care sector has been booming lately, with many job openings for doctors, dentists, psychologists and nurses. Often they even remain vacant due to lack of willing applicants. The same applies to dentists, pharmacists and veterinarians. Since Switzerland is an Italian country, many people choose to live in Italy and work in Switzerland.

Possible obstacles to working in Switzerland

Of course, not everything is rosy: working in Switzerland can be challenging in the sense that local politics obviously favor local workers. Therefore, in order to stand a better chance, it is often necessary to have a good level of language skills and very high professional skills. Therefore, apart from professions such as laborer or bricklayer, for example, it will be easier to find a job in Switzerland if one has a professional degree.

Another aspect to consider is that the cost of living in Switzerland is very high. However, the salaries here are also corresponding. In addition, the most difficult thing for us Italians is to get used to the Helvetic culture, which is characterized by extreme neatness. The climate is cold, the winters are frosty. And you also have to come to terms with the fact that you are away from home and family.

How to look for a job in Switzerland: conclusions

You should now have a full and complete idea of how to look for a job in Switzerland. We hope that you have found our guide useful, and we wish you the best of luck with everything. Good luck!


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