Regular payouts from Saftey Trades

Broker differs from its competitors because it works honestly. It does not charge additional payments, does not cheat anyone and does not try to get hold of other people's funds. Everything complies with current market standards, and its activities are closely monitored by regulators. Plus, the legality is confirmed by the presence of licenses, as well as records in the registers. Forex Saftey Trades provides free training, rewards with bonuses, and does not penalize for inactivity. On the Saftey Trad es website you can find all information about the company's work, financial statements, rates. is not a scammerthat plays unfair game by not providing payouts. Not a single client has yet been refused to provide earnings. No one sets limits on the amounts. Saftey Trades broker has 24/7 technical support, proven tools, leverage.

What services can the company offer?

In addition to providing access to the international currency market, Forex Saftey Trades deals with full transaction support, as well as financial transactions. Orders are instantly executed, scalping can be used, and there are no restrictions on trading volumes. Here are some of the broker's services:

  • analytical section. It is regularly updated, all data is up-to-date and corresponds to market data. There are expert forecasts, statistics, fundamental and technical analysis. The information is used not only for self-development, but also for making more informed decisions. It is also suitable for building personal strategies;
  • access to trading platforms. Forex Saftey Trades offers to download and install MetaTrader 4 and 5. Terminals with advanced functionality, clear interface, full set of tools;
  • access to a variety of assets. Traders can work with currency pairs, invest in stocks, commodity contracts, etc. The company always checks potential partners, studying their credit history, as well as the presence of the fact of bankruptcy;
  • free training. All educational materials are freely available. broker does not impose dubious courses, does not sell standard materials;
  • technical support for clients. Forex Saftey Trades does not ignore clients' appeals, on the contrary, operators respond promptly. It is possible to address 24/7 in any language, which allows broker to be more efficient;
  • account control and risk management. The company does not prohibit the use of stop-losses and take-profits, with which you can minimize potential losses. Access to the account is not restricted by anyone, you can request any amount. The only thing is that any transaction is verified, so the processing of the request may take time;
  • advanced mobile trading. You can trade on the go using a convenient mobile application compatible with all operating systems;
  • security. Saftey Trades forex broker keeps clients' money separately, never using it in its work. It has state-of-the-art encryption, due to which possible data leakage is prevented and privacy is preserved. is not a scammer that breaks the law. It is a licensed intermediary that is profitable to deal with.

Broker does not practice calls from hidden numbers?

This is not allowed, because the company values its reputation. All contact information is available on, as well as the terms of cooperation. Hidden payments are not provided. Broker Saftey Trades creates equal conditions for everyone, regardless of status and deposit size. For all the years of the site's existence, no one has had problems with payments. is not a scammer, which is only engaged in the fact that it lures away funds and provides irrelevant data. Everything is legal, legitimate, transparent, in accordance with current market standards. Saftey Trades broker adheres to the terms of the agreement, has 24/7 technical support, does not penalize for nothing. Reviews about are mostly positive. This also confirms the reliability of the company. The site is official, without third-party links. There is control on the part of the regulator. That is why you can not say, Saftey Trades broker is a scammer, working solely in its own interests. Forex does not put limits on trading volumes, offers to use verified payment systems for transactions. He does not swipe card passwords, does not call from hidden numbers, and plays a fair game. broker does not hide the results of audits, does not hide reporting. Saftey Trades is not a scammer, you can safely open an account here.

Are there any additional fees for opening an account?

No. Registration with Saftey Trades broker is free of charge. It consists of filling out a questionnaire with contact and personal data. After that you need to deposit money to your account (minimum 100 dollars), wait for notification from the support service, and start trading. Forex as an additional security measure offers everyone to undergo verification. It can also ask clarifying questions to determine trading experience. Also, at the registration stage, you need to come up with a login and password to enter your personal account. At the broker Saftey Trades it is functional, thoughtful, simple. In it you can familiarize yourself with the history of financial operations, check the account status, undergo training, request a withdrawal. Forex broker periodically holds promotions, encourages with bonuses. Most positive reviews about Saftey Trades repeatedly praise the simplicity, clarity of registration, as well as the interface of the personal cabinet.

More information about the site

Forex is one of the best platforms that operates officially. There are licenses and control by the regulator. All documents are freely available, and services are provided for several years. The company did not get into scandals, did not interfere with receiving payments, and did not engage in illegal activities. Broker Saftey Trades provides support to clients, publishes current quotes, and provides free training. is not a scammer charging additional commissions. Reviews of Saftey Trades write a lot of good things about the intermediary, noting its reliability.

Broker's website

Modern, comfortable, meets technical standards. is not overloaded with details, and its interface is quite stylish, comfortable, and thoughtful. Forex broker does not publish third-party links and does not hide information. Saftey Trades is not a scammer, so it does not run aggressive advertising or send spam.
Withdrawal of funds

There are no limits on payments. The process is simple and understandable. An application is submitted in your personal account, indicating the amount, as well as the type of payment system. Forex broker Saftey Trades does not interfere with the receipt of funds, and processes withdrawal requests on weekdays. It cooperates with large European banks, and in reviews of they have repeatedly written that money is credited to the account within 24 hours.

What do they write about the broker?

Saftey Trades is not a scammer, so his work is praised and highly appreciated. There are positive comments on many popular platforms, including Trustpilot and Sitejabber. People are happy with the service, which is why has a lot of good reviews.

Features of work

Forex broker Saftey Trades provides free training, does not steal data, and does not make calls from hidden numbers. Here are some other advantages:

  • there is official registration;
  • control by the regulator;
  • financial statements;
  • confirmed payments;
  • transparent conditions (in reviews of Saftey Trades they repeatedly noted the fixed commissions specified in the agreement);
  • leverage;
  • informing about risks.

Forex Saftey Trades provides access to verified assets, does not penalize for inaction, and fulfills its obligations. The disadvantage is that the broker still does not have a demo account.


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