Spend your winter vacation in Switzerland

Snow-capped Alps to the horizon, authentic small villages and exquisite local cuisine: a winter vacation in Switzerland promises to spend time in the heart of enchanting nature. Discover the pleasures that await you on a ski vacation in Switzerland.

Winter vacation in Switzerland: the mountains in all their splendor

Anyone who goes on a winter vacation to Switzerland is sure to have an unforgettable skiing experience. Switzerland, through which the Alps run, is a country where skiing and snowboarding are part of everyday winter life. Resorts with wide slopes for a ski vacation for two or with friends, or picturesque small mountain villages where you can learn to ski during school vacations: the Swiss Alps are full of places where you can enjoy skiing. You'll have plenty of time to perfect your skiing or snowboarding technique, and discover other ways to enjoy the snowy slopes and the great outdoors. Tobogganing is a fun activity for kids and adults alike. During winter vacations, you can go ice skating all over Switzerland. And with the majestic peaks of the Alps as a backdrop, you can always have an unforgettable ski vacation.

If you're afraid you'll get bored with skiing or just want to enjoy the picturesque atmosphere of a winter vacation in Switzerland, there are plenty of other activities available in the resorts. Snowshoeing, horse-drawn carriage rides or dog sledding.

Swiss vacations: must-see places to visit

During your winter vacation in Switzerland, you will of course be eager to conquer the snowy peaks and enjoy the thrilling slopes. To diversify the fun, complement your stay in Switzerland with a few visits to experience the local culture.

The first thing to do is visit a chocolate factory. If you go during school vacations, the kids will be thrilled with this discovery. Since there is no age limit for indulgences, be sure to open the doors of the chocolate factory to experience the aroma of cocoa, the clinking of beans and the shimmer of freshly made bars.

Then let your curiosity lead you to Switzerland's colorful heritage sites like Tarasp Castle. Covered in a white cloak, this medieval sentinel perched proudly on a high cliff in the Lower Engadin will offer you one of the most impressive panoramas.

Also, don't forget to visit Mili Weber's house in St. Moritz. The artist has decorated the walls and ceilings with her magical drawings, creating a truly enchanting environment for the little ones.

Farms and cheese factories offer a glimpse into the country's long pastoral traditions and will add many delicious treats to the table during a winter vacation in Switzerland.

When a ski vacation turns into a gourmet trip

Switzerland, a country formed by the Alps, masters the art of preparing invigorating and soothing dishes. When vacationing in Switzerland, take time to wander the narrow streets lined with chalets in your resort and then hit up one of the local restaurants. What's on the menu? A delicious fondue with gruyere and vacherin fribourgeois. These two cheeses are true Swiss winter vacation favorites. For dessert, enjoy the sunny flavor of "tuorta da nouche". This Engadine pie with buttery pastry dough and a filling of walnuts and creamy caramel is sure to be one unforgettable treat.

Thanks to optimal snow cover, winter vacations in Switzerland allow you to fully enjoy the unique atmosphere of the Swiss Alps, be it a ski vacation or a scenic interlude against a backdrop of immaculate landscapes.


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