Wo kann man in der Schweiz Urlaub machen? Verbier

Verbier is a world famous ski resort located in the Swiss Alps and offers breathtaking mountain scenery, exciting outdoor activities and a lively village atmosphere. It also attracts many tourists with its variety of attractions and activities. Let's take a look at some of them.

Verbier Ski Resort

It is one of the most popular ski resorts in Switzerland. Here you can enjoy a huge selection of slopes of varying difficulty, unique scenery of the Alps and comfortable ski services. Thanks to modern ski elevators and well-prepared pistes, the skiing experience in Verbier will be unforgettable. You can also take part in skiing or snowboarding lessons to improve your skills.

Mont Fort

Climb Mont Fort, the highest peak in the 4 Valle ski area, reaching an altitude of 3,330 meters. From the cable car leading to the summit, you have a stunning view of the surrounding peaks, including the Matterhorn, Mont Blanc and the Massif de Combins. On clear days there are views of the French and Italian Alps.

Bisset du Levron

Take a scenic hike along the Bisset du Levron, an ancient irrigation canal that runs through the mountains surrounding Verbier. The trail offers panoramic views of the Rhone valley and a tranquil retreat into nature. Enjoy the tranquility of the alpine scenery, picnic and wildlife watching along the way.

Verbier Festival

The Verbier Festival is a world-renowned classical music event. Founded in 1994, the festival is recognized for its exceptional performances and world-class musicians. The festival attracts a wide range of talented artists, including renowned soloists, chamber ensembles, orchestras and conductors.

The festival offers a rich program. Concerts, including recitals, concerts, master classes and workshops are held at various venues in the resort, including the Salle des Combins and the Église de Verbier. The festival is a celebration of classical music and offers young musicians the opportunity to showcase their talent alongside established maestros.


The Medran area is the heart of Verbier, where the main elevator station of Medran 1 is located. From here you can access the ski slopes and the various elevators that connect other parts of the resort. The area is also home to numerous stores, restaurants and bars, making it a lively hub for entertainment and socializing after skiing.

Verbier Village

Take time to explore the charming village of Verbier. Wander the picturesque streets with traditional wooden chalets, boutiques and cozy cafes. Visit Verbier church (Église de Verbier) with beautiful stained glass windows. The village of Verbier retains its Alpine charm and offers a cozy and welcoming atmosphere.

Le Chablais

Located in the Bagnes Valley, below Verbier, Le Chablais is a picturesque village that serves as the gateway to the Verbier ski area. It has a more tranquil and authentic atmosphere than Verbier itself. Le Chablais is connected to Verbier by a gondola, making it a convenient base for access to the slopes and other activities. 

In addition to its proximity to the ski area, Le Chablais is known for its charming rustic setting with traditional Swiss chalets and narrow streets. The village has historic sites such as the Église de Saint-Maurice, a beautiful church built in the 15th century. Le Chablais also offers a wide range of facilities, including accommodation, restaurants and stores. It is a great starting point for outdoor activities such as hiking, mountain biking and exploring the surrounding nature of the Bagnes Valley.

Verbier offers an unforgettable vacation and entertainment for all lovers of nature, history and outdoor activities. From a ski resort to scenic walks, there is something for everyone. A rich cultural and natural heritage, magnificent mountains and a welcoming atmosphere make Verbier a great place to visit. Visit Verbier and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of this amazing Swiss resort. Relax, explore and enjoy all that Verbier has to offer!


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