Chopard: How a Swiss watch brand conquered Hollywood in 150 years

Chopard has not without reason become one of Hollywood's favorite brands. The Swiss brand with more than 150 years of history has become a benchmark in the field of jewelry, watches and luxury accessories, which guarantees its relevance in the world of celebrities. That's why today at any high-profile artistic awards ceremony you can't do without Chopard. Oscars, Cannes, etc.!

But despite its ubiquity, few people know the history of this traditional fashion house. It all began in the Vallée de Joux region, which in past centuries was isolated during the harsh winter months. Peasants, unable to farm, devoted themselves to watchmaking. One of them was Louis Ulysses Chopard, who started his business in 1860 at the age of 24.

At first, the young Chopard's watchmaking business was designed to produce chronographs only. Over time, however, the L.U.C. (the initials of the owner of the chain) workshops became characterized by the precision of their products. Small watchmakers found it difficult to keep up with the innovations, and it was in this gap that Chopard established itself.

In 1920, when the company's business was booming, it moved its headquarters to Geneva. The move was prompted by the city's increasingly strong position as the watchmaking capital of the world, which facilitated international contacts and sales. Growth continued even during the period between the two world wars, which were a torment for most businesses. By this time, Chopard's son had taken over the business and the company already employed 150 people.

In 1963, Paul-André Chopard, the grandson of the founder, made a fundamental decision for the history of the brand. Seeing that his sons were not interested in handing over the brand, a new strategy had to be adopted. It was then that control of the company passed to Karl Scheufele, a traditional German watchmaker. The rapid growth of this alliance led to Chopard finally becoming a benchmark in the luxury market.

In 1998, Chopard takes a big step and signs an agreement with the Cannes Film Festival to produce the annual Palme d'Or award. Caroline Gruosi-Scheufele, Chopard's co-president and artistic director, took the trouble to handcraft a piece for the occasion. Continuing its collaboration with Cannes, in 2008 the brand launched the Red Carpet collection, inspired by the festival and comprising 61 pieces of unmistakable elegance and luxury.


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