List of 3 largest companies in Zurich

Zurich is Switzerland's leading center of commerce and services and an outstanding place to do business. Many prominent companies are headquartered here, including these three heavyweights.

1. Migros-Genossenshaft-Bund

Migros-Genossenshaft-Bund (MGB) is one of the largest retail organizations in Switzerland. Almost a century ago, in 1925, Migros was founded by the Swiss entrepreneur and politician Gottlieb Dutweiler. He shaped Migros' destiny for decades. Today, MGB consists of 10 regional Migros cooperatives and numerous subsidiaries. The group is a combination of cooperatives and corporate groups. The organization is supported by some 2.3 million Migros members. Migros operates numerous supermarkets, specialty stores, grocery stores, and gas stations (Migrol) throughout Switzerland.

2. ABB - Asea Braun Boveri

The ABB Group was formed in 1988 through the merger of the Swiss group Brown, Boveri & Cie and the Swedish group ASEA (Allmänna Svenska Elektriska Aktiebolaget). The new industrial giant is a powerhouse in energy and automation technology. Electrification technology, robotics, factory automation solutions, and industrial automation services and equipment are ABB's core businesses. The Group operates in about 100 countries through more than 300 subsidiaries.

3. Adecco Group

The Adecco Group is one of the world's largest recruitment agencies with more than 40,000 employees. The company name "Adecco" is composed of two members, Adair and Ecco. Adecco's history began in 1996 with the merger of the Swiss recruitment services firm Adia Interim and the French firm Ecco. However, it went through several more acquisitions and mergers before the current corporate group was born. Today, Adecco is present in more than 60 countries and has more than 5,200 offices. Most Adecco shares are publicly traded.

These companies make a significant contribution to the economy of Zurich and Switzerland as a whole. They provide jobs, stimulate innovation and support economic growth.

In addition to these three companies, Zurich has many other large and successful businesses. This makes Zurich one of the most dynamic and attractive cities in the world for business.


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