Netflix in Switzerland: Prices are looting, alternatives are available

Fans of TV series and movies in Switzerland have to pay more than in neighboring countries to access their favorite content on Netflix. A recent study showed that subscription prices have risen by 25% in five years. The American giant is clearly insatiable.

As a result of these price increases, Netflix has become one of the most expensive streaming options in the country. With a basic subscription costing 11.9 Swiss francs, Netflix is the fourth most expensive streaming service in Switzerland. But consider this: a premium package costs almost 25 Swiss francs.

A market dominated by a few players

The Swiss video streaming market is very concentrated, with only three major players occupying 88% of the market. This situation certainly limits the alternatives available to consumers and contributes to high prices. Doesn't this remind you of the telecommunications industry?

Specifically, the cost of a Netflix subscription in Switzerland is 37% more expensive than in France, showing a significant disparity with neighboring countries, according to data collected by Hellosafe, a comparison service dedicated to finding visibility.

International comparison

This price difference is not insignificant, especially in the current currency climate, given the strength of the Swiss franc. This price disparity makes one wonder about Netflix's pricing strategy in the Swiss market.

From the same critical perspective, it is interesting to note that YouTube offers the most expensive basic streaming subscription in Switzerland at CHF 15.9 per month, confirming our impressions of the bucolic image of the Swiss and their cows in French literature and culture.

Competition and alternatives

In such a situation, local players such as Swisscom are trying to position themselves as a possible alternative. The blue giant recently redesigned its Blue offering in an attempt to counter Netflix by offering a wide range of content, including Swiss-made content.

Netflix's continued price hikes raise questions. Perhaps consumers are responsible, regularly canceling subscriptions they don't use and switching to "free" offers from various public services, including Play RTS or Play Suisse, which almost systematically offer value-added content, a far cry from Netflix.


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