How do you celebrate Christmas in Switzerland?

Christmas in Switzerland is one of the most important events of the year. It is a time when the Swiss spends a lot of time with family and loved ones. They enjoy dinners together, conversations, games, and outings.

Christmas in Switzerland is not only a religious holiday, but also an opportunity for family bonding and strengthening relationships. This is not the only reason why the Swiss love and look forward to this day. Now we will tell you how Christmas is celebrated in Switzerland.

Traditions and customs

Christmas is shrouded in many traditions and customs. They reflect a deep love for this holiday. One of the most common customs is decorating the Christmas tree. The Christmas tree is a symbol of life and eternal hope. The Swiss enjoy decorating it with colourful balls, ornaments, tinsel, and lights. This creates a festive atmosphere in homes, streets, and squares. The tree becomes the centrepiece of the festivities, around which families and friends gather.

Another important custom is the creation of the Christmas cross. This is a special construction made of needles and tree branches. It symbolises the victory over the winter frosts and the arrival of spring. People come together to create this cross. They use fresh needles, flowers, and candles. The cross is then placed on top of a hill or in the centre of the village. There it glows and signifies the approach of Christmas and the coming of new hope for a better future.


During the Christmas holidays, Swiss cuisine delights its residents and visitors with many delicious and traditional dishes. One of the most popular Christmas desserts is the Christmas cupcake.

This fragrant muffin is baked with honey, nuts, spices and dried fruits. It is usually served with hot chocolate or mulled wine. Mulled wine is a traditional hot drink. It is prepared on the basis of red wine with the addition of spices such as cloves, cinnamon and orange peel.

Another popular dish that is invariably on the Christmas table in Switzerland is fondue. Fondue is a hot cheese sauce in which slices of fresh bread or vegetables are dipped. It is made from a mixture of different types of cheese that are melted and mixed with white wine and garlic.

Fondue is an excellent choice for Christmas dinner, creating an atmosphere of cosy family togetherness. In addition, fondue is often served alongside a variety of meat and fish dishes. For example, chicken, pork, beef, or prawns to diversify the flavours and satisfy the different preferences of the guests.

Raclette is another popular Swiss cheese dish. Traditionally, a wheel of raclette cheese is heated, and the melted portion is layered over boiled potatoes, pickles, and onions. It is often topped with cured meats and served with bread. Raclette encourages socialising. Diners gather around a raclette grill or tabletop grill to melt their own cheese and socialise at the same time.

Christmas decorations

Christmas decorations play Christmas decorations play a significant role in creating a festive atmosphere in Switzerland. Locals take special care and attention to decorating their homes and streets to make them come alive and filled with magic.

One of the main decorations are garlands, which are hung on the facades of houses, balconies, and windows. Garlands can be varied: shining lights, coloured balls, ribbons or green branches. They give the house a festive look and create an atmosphere of warmth and joy.

Ornaments are also popular Christmas decorations. They can be colourful balls, silver or gold stars, small figures of snowmen, reindeer, or angels. They are used to decorate the Christmas tree, which is an essential symbol of Christmas. The tree becomes the centrepiece of the festivities, around which families and friends gather.


During the Christmas holidays in Switzerland, various events are organised to create an atmosphere of fun and joy. Christmas fairs are organised in towns and villages where you can buy gifts, handicrafts and delicious delicacies. There are also Christmas concerts, plays and musical performances.

One of the highlights of the Christmas markets is the delicious food and drink. Visitors can indulge in regional specialities, seasonal treats and cosy snacks. Roasted chestnuts, roasted almonds, sausages, traditional Swiss raclette and fondue are popular favourites. Warm drinks such as mulled wine, hot chocolate and spiced punch are also a favourite during the cold season.

In conclusion, Christmas is a very special time. The Swiss celebrate this holiday with a deep love. It is a time when they stop from everyday worries and find the opportunity to focus on family, spirituality, and tradition. People carefully prepare for the holiday to create a cosy atmosphere, decorate their homes and streets, prepare traditional dishes that symbolise community and generosity and share them with loved ones and guests.

Christmas in Switzerland is also a time of social gatherings and events. Residents attend Christmas fairs where they enjoy the festive atmosphere, choose gifts and eat a variety of delicacies. They also take part in musical concerts, plays, and exhibitions that offer an opportunity to enjoy the country's cultural heritage and create a festive atmosphere.

This day has deep historical and cultural significance. The holiday is a link between generations, passing on a rich heritage and traditions. Each family passes on the knowledge and customs that make Christmas special and unique for everyone in this beautiful country.



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