Where to holiday in Graubunden? The best places for a holidays


Graubünden is the pearl of eastern Switzerland. An ideal holiday destination that combines great nature, plenty of entertainment and a rich culture. Graubünden is a canton that embodies everything that Switzerland is so famous for. Majestic mountain peaks, picturesque lakes, world-class ski resorts and cultural attractions that will leave unforgettable impressions.

One of the most important natural sites in Graubünden is the Swiss Alps National Park. A great place for lovers of outdoor activities. It has stunning mountain scenery, where you can go hiking and biking, enjoy the clean air and see the unique flora and fauna.

In winter, Graubünden will not leave you indifferent. It is home to famous resorts such as St. Moritz and Davos-Klosters. They offer not only excellent pistes for skiing and snowboarding, but also a wide range of additional entertainment. For example, luxury spas, luxury stores and gourmet restaurants.

But Graubünden is not limited to natural attractions and ski resorts. The canton has many cultural events and historical sites. They allow you to immerse yourself in the rich history and culture of the region.


This resort is known for its great ski region and a wide range of outdoor activities. Here you can enjoy skiing or snowboarding on a variety of trails. Freeride or snowmobile rides are also worth trying. Davos is famous for its famous health resorts and spas, where you can relax and recuperate.


Chur, the oldest city in Switzerland, has a rich history and a well-preserved old town. Walk through the narrow winding streets to admire the medieval architecture. The Cathedral of St. Mary Himmelfart and other sights are also worth a visit. Chur is surrounded by mountains, making it an ideal starting point for exploring the Swiss Alps. From here you can reach popular destinations such as Lenzerheide, Arosa and the Albula Railway, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

St. Moritz

This famous ski resort attracts tourists from all over the world with its sophisticated style and first-class ski conditions. Luxury hotels, exclusive stores and high-class restaurants make St. Moritz a magnet for lovers of luxury. In addition, prestigious winter sports competitions are held here. This makes St. Moritz particularly attractive to sports enthusiasts.


Arose is a charming alpine village located in the Schanfigg Valley. It has a tranquil and picturesque atmosphere, which makes it a favorite destination for nature lovers. In winter, Arosa boasts many ski slopes, including a special area for beginners. The village also has an impressive network of cross-country ski trails. In summer, Arosa is a paradise for hikers, mountain bikers and golfers. A notable attraction is the Arosa Bear Sanctuary. There, rescued bears live in their natural environment.

Engadine Valley

The Engadin Valley is known for its mountain landscapes and pristine lakes. The region is characterized by a unique architecture. The traditional Engadin houses have facades decorated with sgraffito. In addition to St. Moritz and the lakes, attractions include the village of Sils Maria, where the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche once lived, and the picturesque village of Guarda, known for its well-preserved Engadin houses. Engadin is great for lovers of outdoor activities. Here you can do hiking, mountain biking, fishing and sailing.

This magical canton attracts tourists with its unique beauty and a variety of holiday offerings. Tourists can enjoy the majestic mountain scenery, go skiing, experience the rich culture and history of the region, and, of course, enjoy the comfort and Swiss hospitality.



Whether winter sports, outdoor activities or cultural walks, Graubünden offers endless possibilities for a memorable and varied holiday. You can experience the spirit of Switzerland, feel its Alpine energy and discover the local traditions and customs.

So go to the wonderful Graubünden and discover all its charms. Let this trip be a source of inspiration, relaxation and unforgettable moments. Graubünden welcomes you with open arms and promises to make your stay there truly unique.


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